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We accept PhD students through the Program in Neuroscience and the Institute of Molecular Biophysics.

I welcome students wishing to gain experience with the techniques of electrophysiology (patch-clamp recording, optogenetics, and single channel), protein biochemistry, molecular biology (site-directed mutagenesis, gene-targeted deletion, DREADS, and viral infection), immunocytochemistry (neural activity markers), cell biology (cell culture, ELISA), olfactometry (computerized Knosys), systems physiology (CLAMS metabolic chambers), and mouse behavioral phenotyping (two-choice paradigm, odor habituation/dishabituation, elevated-plus maze, T-maze), and to those wishing to answer questions about the physiology of olfaction, cell-signaling cascades, the regulation of neuronal excitability, gut to brain metabolic processes, and ion channel structure/function.

I seek PhD students that have demonstrated research experience as an honor's thesis scholar, a co-author contributor, an intensive research program, or through acquisition of a Master's Degree.

We are currently accepting Postdoctoral Scholars through our NIH Training Grant in the Chemical Senses that MUST (YES MUST) be a US Citizen (Please Click Here for further information about this program and the NINE preceptors that can serve as potential sponsors).

We are currently accepting Postdoctoral Scholars through our NIH- and NSF-supported mechanisms, please Click Here for further information.

More information concerning postdoctoral scholar policies and training at the Florida State University can be located at the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs.



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